Osmind Wants to Start a Clinical Management And Data Analysis System For Mental Health Studies Using Psychedelic Drugs

Published on August 25, 2020
Image Credit: [Unsplash/Noah Buscher]

The co-founders of a startup involved in clinical practice management and data analysis for mental health organizations met at Stanford University. Jimmy Qian and Lucia Huang want to focus on innovative psychedelic treatments.

Both co-founders came from medical families. Huang’s mom was an engineer focusing on biomedicine who worked at Warburg Pincus where she worked at Verge Genomics. After that, she went to business school at Stanford while at the same time, Qian was in medical school at Stanford.

Also, both of them attended high school in the San Fransico Bay Area. So, they were very well aware of the mental health situation that was affecting Silicon Valley communities.

On the other hand, Qian worked for a handful of non-profit organizations related to mental health during his time at Penn State. He ended up going to Stanford once he got to the Bay Area.

The founders of Osmind state that their objective is to assist people in accessing new and innovative treatments to common mental health issues by providing pharmaceutical companies and doctors with systems and services that will make care and proof of efficacy more readily available.

There are over 10 million people in America alone who are resistant to a lot of the mental health therapies that are currently available. These people end up costing the healthcare system around $250 billion dollars. Huang mentioned that ‘Nobody has been able to help this patient population. Pharma doesn’t develop drugs for them.’

Osmind will bring together all the needed data from the most-ill of the patient population. They will then provide that data to drug research companies for use in clinical trials. They will also provide assistance to insurance companies by helping them connect patients to the appropriate treatment providers, according to Qian.

The company launched its services about two months back, and already has over 30 medical practices that are making use of its software that is overseeing around 3,000 patients in total.

As Huang said, ‘The beauty of all of this is that it’s a win-win for everyone,” Heath providers will get access to an advanced platform that will streamline office tasks and will provide remote monitoring services and patient outreach. Also, they’ve got a web page where providers can view their patient’s progress.

Qian mentioned that its a system that is designed specifically for physicians that aren’t necessarily tech-gurus. Their system provides a set of data which can be levered to validate some of less-proven forms of therapy, such as including psychedelics in an official, clinical setting

Qian elaborated, ‘We improve the care journey. These are clinics that don’t have the manpower to do that.. You can’t call your patients every single day’

Psycalegic drugs are generally considered to be safe because they aren’t addictive. There are, however, a lot of people out there that use addictive drugs to self medicate. Drug addiction is no laughing matter. If you need help, seek professional assistance and if you are addicted to opiates you could always buy kratom to help you quit.

Featured Image Credit: [Unsplash/Noah Buscher]

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