OPPO A9 Review – OPPO Flagship Smartphone

Published on September 24, 2019

Oppo A9 a new addition to Oppo smart Series. Oppo Mobile phone are capturing the technological market rapidly. Technology is succeeding every day to meet the desires of the humans irrespective of the scenarios met at the end. Mobile Phones technology is one of the miraculous one which is becoming even more resourceful with the day passing. We just need to better going for the cons of the technology as well but becoming a criticizer only. Try to be a constructive one which will surely do a great job for the other users as well as the makers can go a bit ahead with the things shared by its productive users.

OPPO A9 is one of those steps which are really creating a life full of the grandiose of great measures. Now it is all in all up to its beneficiaries that how they come up to get benefitted from it.


OPPO is pretty much famous for its highly recommendable use of camera megapixels. In camera features, it is top of the top subject to be recommended:

  • 16 MP Front Camera
  • 48 MP Rear Quad Camera

OPPO A9 is a set where five cameras are differently set in a single smartphone. Its rear one is of 48MP to provide its user a lens with the maximum resolution value. There is a provision of panoramic pictures rear lens at an Ultra-Wide 119 degrees. There are other two more lens in it which provide the artistic look to the portrait effects. And there is a provision of the front lens featuring of the AI Beautification. There is also an Ultra Night Mode 2.0 provision in OPPO A9. So, as OPPO is famous for the quality of its cameras and OPPO A9 is also the pure glimpse of the same phenomenal situations any OPPO user would really be expecting from it.

OPPO A9 really provides with the ability to widen the imagination level by providing an ability with the provision of cameras where you can take pictures on a pretty much widen scale. Here’s you can capture scenes on a bigger level with the availability in OPPO A9 which is 119 degrees Ultra-wide lens. This is provided in a case that everyone cannot be here in a picture at the same time like sometimes we need to go for a bigger range to occupy every member specifically in group photos or we strive to take a picture of some scenery etc.

  • 8 MP High resolution
  • 119 degrees angle of view

Specialization is done in a way that even you can make videos without any fear during the processes of shaking ways as well. You just need to go for a Video Stability which would be an ultimate support for you to get hold of the video and giving you a pure power of amazing videography to enjoy your best moments around. EIS technology (Electronic Image Stabilization) with the use of intelligent processes of technology as well as an internal gyroscope, which all in all help OPPO A9 to provide shake free filming even you are moving in any of the cases where you are walking, running or even riding a vehicle.

  • Electronic Image Stabilization
  • Gyroscope

AI is taken as the future of mankind and OPPO A9 really gives the emphatic glimpse of AI Beautification. It is too broad in levels of technology for AI that it really recognizes the age of the snapper as well as the gender to give the features which specified to the required version of its user. It provides the pure collide of the beauty and the intelligence.

Sound Quality

Sound is also one of basic requirement of any of the user around. There is a 360 degree sound immersion in OPPO A9 by the usage of Dolby Atmos as well as Dual Stereo Speakers. This will provide a clear sound even when you are surrounded by multiple people around. Actually we see the features of only one speaker but in OPPO A9 two speakers add a lot of richness in its sound where it delivers ambiance rich audio.


Providing RAM of 8 GB surely increases the speed performance of smartphone as well as by providing the lowering level of power consumption to 20% which is a great assist in this process too.

There is slot for three different uses:

  • Dual SIM slots
  • Micro SD up to 256 GB extra memory

It is having a battery of heavy power where it is of 5000 mAh which is purely like a great asset where you can use it for a long day or even more too. 6.5” water drop screen. There is also facial unlock as well as screen multitasking too.

Here we can really feel the beauty of OPPO that their reliability is along with the innovation too where they are introducing new major sets of great abilities too. There has been number of tests on power, volume and earphone plug button which provided the best usage case. So, OPPO A9 is going to rock.

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OPPO A9 Review - OPPO Flagship Smartphone
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