Opera bitcoin mining protection feature arrives in next update

Published on December 28, 2017

Digital currencies – especially bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies – are on the rise at the moment. However, there are many individuals with bad intentions who are trying to take optimum advantage of it. Numerous online platforms have discovered hackers taking over visitor’s browsers and utilizing their device to mine digital currency such as bitcoin and cryptocurrency without the user’s consent. This ends up being highly problematic as it causes the computer to slow down significantly and also grow hot. It seems like Opera has a quick solution to this problem.

According to a report by Slash Gear, Opera plans on launching a brand-new, anti-cryptocurrency mining protection feature that will come integrated into online browsers. The bitcoin mining protection feature is going to be called, ‘No Coin,’ and can be discovered in Opera 50. The release candidate of this particular version is available for use for Opera operators. The No Coin facility allows users greater control over their systems.

Users can leave their systems disabled in case they don’t anyone else accessing them while they are not using it. Individuals are required to manually turn the No Coin feature on in order for it to work. Individuals can access this feature through the ‘Settings’ option or rather the ‘Preferences’ option under the Windows and Mac operating systems.

The browser further goes on to consist of an ad-blocker that comes pre-installed. You no longer need to worry about random pop-ups that ruin your web-browsing experience. The No Coin feature is now a part of the ad-blocking feature.

Opera has even taken the responsibility to disable users from accessing platforms that may hold the potential of hacking your system. You have other options to choose from, in case you are not an Opera user. You can protect yourself from unwanted cryptocurrency mining through Google’s popular extension, Google Chrome which is also called, ‘No Coin.’

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