Online Gaming And The Pandemic- How COVID-19 Has Made An Impact

Published on November 30, 2020
Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels

When the pandemic hit the world, the first reaction of global governments was to enforce mandatory lockdowns. Offices closed down, and social outings were minimized with the closure of gaming arcades, shopping malls, theatres, and sports venues. The biggest challenge for the world population was to stay sane and engaged as they cooped up indoors. The situation is not a lot better months later because staying home still seems to be a safer option despite the reopening. Although there is a global slowdown for businesses, online gaming is one segment that has seen an upward trend during the pandemic year. Let us explain how COVID-19 has worked in favor of this industry.

Ban on live sports

Any crowded place has the potential for being a hotspot for the virus, which is the reason why governments across the globe had curbs on public gatherings right from the start. The closure of live sports venues came in natural succession of the regulations to save the population from the pandemic. Even as businesses reopen in the second phase, these venues are still closed as they are not regarded as essentials. As a result, sports lovers and gaming enthusiasts made a move to online gaming websites. These sites offer the same level of excitement and give the opportunity to make big money while staying safe from the virus.

A pastime that is keeping people sane

Apart from keeping people home, online gaming is also helping them stay sane. After all, spending long hours watching TV or browsing the web only exposes them to negative news and updates. Online games keep them entertained as they struggle with stress and anxiety caused by months of staying home. The best thing about these sites is the sheer number of options they offer. The growing popularity of games like roulette, blackjack, poker and 918Kiss 2020 speaks volumes about the growth of the industry during the COVID phase. People who play from home love to explore these interactive games one after the other as they are bored from activities like cooking, gardening, seeing movies and reading.

An opportunity for income supplementation

Besides being a fun pastime, online gaming is an opportunity for income supplementation as well. Amid the crisis, finances are tight, and thousands of people have pay cuts to deal with. Many have even lost their jobs and are struggling to keep their finances afloat. Even as they stay home, they look for opportunities to make money. While side hustles like writing, software development and designing require special skills, online gaming is an excellent way to earn without any technical skills. It is a game of luck, though one can develop these skills and expertise over time and play for winning.

The demand for online gaming has surged this year for very obvious reasons. Avid players who don’t want to miss the excitement due to the cessation of live events are more than willing to access one on the internet. With the pandemic going to be around, the industry is all set to grow in the coming months as well.  

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