Online Gaming 101: Five Pro Tips for Beginners

Published on December 6, 2020
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The pandemic outbreak brought many restrictions. Countries had to go under lockdown to keep the public safe. The state shut down everything, including offices, malls, restaurants, and educational institutes. People had to stay at home and only leave for grocery runs or medical purposes. These times gave rise to gaming as a source of entertainment.

Gaming works as a great source of expression, creativity, and healthy competition. Online gaming allows people to interact with others virtually. So naturally, it became a popular choice. With a whopping $159.3 million, the gaming industry is at a boom these days. 

Many people who did not play online games before started exploring the gaming world in the pandemic as one can only watch television or read books to an extent.  So people who are new to the gaming experience are some tips for beginners to help you through this process.

The following are some pro tips for beginners:

1. Select Your Gaming Platform 

Choosing the right platform depends on your budget and how deep are you willing to dive. If you want to play a few games as a distraction and not spend much money, maybe start with your mobile phones. It gives you the convenience of carrying your games around and play at any time. But the small screen can limit your gaming experience.

You can choose the consoles if you want a good gaming experience. It is less expensive than getting a PC and doesn’t need you to have any technical skills. You need to download a game or inset it and start playing. The starting price of consoles is around $200, and there are many choices to select from. You can play sports games or role-playing games on a console.

But if you want to take a full dive into the gaming experiences, then install a PC gaming setup. PC set up is best for simulations and strategy games. It is the most expensive of the three, but the advantage is that you can use your PC for other activities too.

2. Buy Gaming Accounts

Many trustful sellers in the industry sell counterstrike, Fornite, team fortress, league of legends accounts, Pokemon, etc. The benefit of buying such accounts is that you don’t have to spend many gaming hours with a simple account to reach higher levels. If you want a quick and meaningful gaming experience, gaming accounts are the way to go. You can quickly jump to higher levels with such statements.

Buying an account will also enable you to play with other players from different countries. With a league of legend account, you can start a new level that will let you switch regions. Then you get to play in multiplayer mode with people from that region. Buying accounts will also save you from scammers and hackers.

3. Use Community Control Options

Much like the real world, there are many unpleasant people online too. These people enjoy themselves by making other people miserable. Avoid such negative people at all costs. That is why almost every multiplayer game provides some community control tools. You can use these tools to block and report such poisonous people. By identifying and reporting such negative people, you are saving yourself and serving the gaming community. You deserve your gaming experience to be as pleasant as possible. So please don’t lose your cool over such people and avoid them as much as possible.

4. Don’t Overspend Or Overplay 

Many games have the option to pay to win or get bonuses or amenities. These attractive offers can quickly sweep away a beginner. Generally, what happens is that the game requires you to pay for better amenities such as diamonds, armor, weapons, etc., to progress in the game. Now you have the choice to either spend hours of playtime to achieve those goals or spend some money. That can tempt a lot of beginners.

The problem is that the amenities you buy won’t get you too far. You will run out of them quickly and stand at the decision point again. So on will this process go and before you know it you have spent a lot of money. The worst part is that you spent all this money on a game that was supposedly free. These games tap into your desire to win and achieve and the natural impatience we have for a win. But remain aware of these traps when playing online games.

5. Practice Common Sense Security 

When you play online multiplayer games, you log in to the server with thousands of other people. You have to keep in mind that not everyone has good intentions. There may be people online and playing games that may have malicious purposes. So make sure you practice some security measures when you set up an online gaming account. These measures include:

  • Using a strong password that you never share with anyone
  • Avoid sharing personal information with other players
  • Don’t open emails or links sent from anonymous messages or emails
  • Don’t use your official email to sign up

Following these security measures will ensure that you have a safe and secure gaming experience.


Gaming is a reliable source of entertainment. Especially multiplayer games allow you to interact socially, providing you interact with people in the lockdown era of COVID-19. But be sure that you prepare yourself to deal with all that comes with it and stay safe at all times.

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