Now SMS Connect to allow Skype to text from PC

Published on August 24, 2018

Texting from the computer has been possible since most of the years for both iOS which will in the form of iMessage as well as through the various Android apps like MightyText. It looks like we are getting another platform to choose from. 

As per the Insiders on Android, it is a sneak peek of the upcoming feature which is called as SMS Connect. According to the Windows Blog Italia, it said that it has spotted that an option in the latest version of the Skype Preview’s settings which could allow you to send as well as can receive the texts by using the Skype on Mac or Windows PC.

If you get the texts on the Android Phone from a friend, then you can reply to that message straight from the Skype app present on the computer. It is seen that as an Insider with the Skype preview on Android, but it will look like you can still not switch it on.

This new SMS Connect, which is said to bet the new feature which can be found in the preview settings of the Skype Android app. It is currently cannot be activated, but it is unclear that when all these new features will get enabled then neither Microsoft nor Skype which have been being announced a firm release date. It does not appear to get available on the desktop app which is through some of the users which have reported the issues.

Currently, it is seen that the SMS Connect has appeared to be only available for Windows 10 devices as well as Android. The company has not made any type of announcements which is about the iOS version of the feature, but it does not mean that it will not happen. It is likely to have a lot of iPhone users who all prefer to use the iMessage for the texting needs.

Earlier this year, the tough company has already announced about the Your Phone app which helps in making the user to easily access the phone’s photos, messages or any other thing from the desktop. Your Phone also has confirmed with the works for Android as well as iOS devices.

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