No more annoying ads in Google Chrome from February 15th

Published on December 19, 2017

You all might have faced issues in reading the content on websites due to the annoying ads which ask you to watch it until it ends. Some of the Ads even asks you to click on that and then come back to get the proper visibility of the web page. To help you in solving that issue Google will launch a new update in its Google Chrome which will go live from February 15th. Back in June, the company announced that there would be a launch of Google Chrome which will automatically close the noxious ads. The company took this step to give a better browsing experience to all its users and to create a better Ads standards.


Google engaged itself in the Coalition for Better Ads with which it will now block the bad advertisements to give better standards of the ad. Google also hopes that the users will stop using the ad blocker extensions after this implementation of ad blocking in Google Chrome.

One more thing is crystal clear that the implement will not come with any updates version of Google Chrome as the company has schedule Chrome 64 for January 23rd while Chome 65 for March 6th. And this update ad blocking will go live from February 15th which indicates that the updates will be launched remotely.

From a distance, it looks like Google is thinking in favor of its users, but a profound insight reveals that Google is adding an inbuilt ad blocker in its Google Chome so that the most income delivering ads cannot be served on websites and advertisers will need to pay more to Google. Google Chrome is holding a good percent of users across all the internet users. Thus advertisers will need to pay more to Google for making their ads served with Better Ads Standards.

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