Nintendo’s Switch Homebrew to arrive soon: Report

Published on January 1, 2018

There’s good news for all those waiting for Nintendo Switch Homebrew to become a reality: It is going to happen soon. At a recently-conducted hacking conference held in Germany, a group of hackers including Plutoo, Derek and Naehwert presented information on kernel hacks for the hybrid gaming console, Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo’s Switch Homebrew to arrive soon- Report

As noted by Gadgets 360, the most crucial piece of information that they ended up revealing was that the Homebrew launcher was going to arrive on Nintendo Switch soon. In other words, the non-Nintendo custom-made software could soon be easily functional on Nintendo Switch gaming consoles.

There’s a catch to this, though. Users will need access to Nintendo Switch firmware 3.0.0 as the kernel exploit is necessary to make the system publicly available. Users who depend on the firmware that is lower than 3.0.0, you will require a physical copy of the game, which should ideally be arriving with firmware 3.0.0.

One of the main reasons why such a thing became popular is because Nintendo uses off-the-shelf NVIDIA Tegra X1. When it comes to NVIDIA’s Tegra X1, one can easily get access to it as it is well documented. Moreover, X1 documentation has already revealed information on how to bypass some of the security measures. “Just search for ‘bypass the SMMU [System Memory Management Unit]’ in the documentation”, Plutoo said. Ending with: “Nvidia backdoored themselves.”

Earlier this month, Nintendo released another update, bringing version 4.1.0, to Switch. It brought general system stability improvements and fixes to issues that caused motion controls to respond incorrectly when playing games that make use of the feature. Would consumers now be gravitating towards homebrew apps? That remains to be seen. Additional information regarding this matter is scheduled to arrive soon.

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Nintendo’s Switch Homebrew to arrive soon- Report
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