Nintendo Switch upgraded with incremental features

Published on March 13, 2018

Nintendo has updated its hybrid gaming console, Switch again. The latest software update numbered 5.0, is now accessible to all the users. As per reports, the newest upgrade adds numerous new features to the gaming console.

Nintendo Switch, Nintendo

The list of updates include new friend suggestions, which are necessarily based on the user’s Facebook profile and Twitter accounts or any other social media account that the player might have linked. In addition to this, there’s a new user account icon option, which includes an exciting, lovable pink Kirby. Players who wish to add more friends can head on to their user page and excellent friend suggestions from the options provided to them.

The latest 5.0 update succeeds the one (4.1) which was released back in December 2017. The update includes certain additional functionalities that prove to be pretty incremental. Apart from this, the other additional upgrades in the 5.0 version include the option to filter news from specific

Channels. Moreover, downloads made from the user’s PC or smartphone will also begin downloading sooner-than-usual. This activity will take place even the hybrid gaming console is in the sleep mode. In addition to this, there is a slew of refreshed notifications specifically for when the pre-purchased software is ready to be played. Users have the option of adding specific games to their wish-list within the Switch Parental Controls app. However, there is a time limit restriction that users will have to abide by. This option cannot be switched off.

As per the announcement made by Nintendo, the company is also considering preparing the Switch system for any upcoming hardware updates. There will be a revision made to its network, as noted by the self-described hacking enthusiast @SciresM on Twitter. “If you own a Switch, the console usually automatically downloads updates while it’s connected online, but you can also manually start the update if you wish,” notes The Verge.

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Nintendo Switch, Nintendo
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