Nintendo Switch Lite Review: Is It Best Handheld Console Ever?

Published on September 30, 2019

It is argued that the Nintendo Switch Lite for $199 was the best handheld manufactured ever. It’s compact, cozy and lovely. It takes quite a while on the way. One can access to one of the best game libraries of all time, with essential features such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Smash Bros with Nintendo Switch lite. Tons of end ports, indie games and retro titles, as well as tons.

Overview of Nintendo Switch Lite

The switch Lite is now available in three colors, turquoise, yellow and grey ($199.99 UK/$329.95 AU).


I fell in love with the switch lite when I pick up the design of Nintendo Switch lite— it’s just lovely. Nintendo’s miniature switch, with an 8.2x 3.6 inch compact design that is more travel-friendly than the standard 9.4x 4-inch switch, is one of my most comfortable, appealing and handheld consoles.

In contrast to the three wonders of colors offered by the system, I loved our Turquoise model especially, but it looks great also with yellow and gray. The White buttons of Lite are very popular. The matt finish of the console adds a little additional grip and looks much less likely to fingerprints than the shiny tablet on the standard version.

The Switch Lite felt better than the previous one, although it was the smaller and cheaper Switch. The OG Switch has many movable elements i.e. removable Joy Cons and large tablet display, and when you hold the system in handheld mode, you can feel everything wiggling a bit. The Switch Lite, however, is a single, strong piece of plastic that makes it feel more like a true handheld display than a two-controller display on its faces.

When I began to use it on my daily journey the advantages of the smaller design of Switch Lite become obvious. When I whipped out a little SNES game in the subway, I felt less noticeable than usual and kept on playing it as I stood between transfers on the plate. The Switch Lite even fits in most of my shorts, but without a protective case, I probably wouldn’t throw it in there.

Although the Switch Lite is explicitly designed to be a handheld device, the ability to switch well is difficult to miss. Still, as far as size and comfort are concerned, I find the Lite almost perfectly personal, whether I am sitting on the couch with it while watching a TV or taking it to the bar.

Controlling Nintendo Switch Lite: the joys & the disadvantages

The buttons of Switch Lite feel a little different and mostly in good way from its bigger brother. The major change to the Switch Lite’s inputs, of course, is the directional + Control Pad pad that trades the right d-pad on the portable console with the distinct directional buttons on the left side of the Joy-Con.

I found it too little for intense titles that require pinpoint precision since I learned the tough way while struggling to make even the most basic special movements in the Collection of Street Fighters.

Thanks to the easier inputs of the game, I fared better than my usual combos in Mortel Kombat 11, but I still had difficulty moving SubZero around as exactly as I wanted. Perhaps I have just a huge thumb, but the little Control Pad is disappointing as a fanatical combat game spoilt by the excellent Hori D-Pad on my regular switch.

The more compact layout of the button was particularly crowded when I carefully tried to clear Celeste and Super Mario Maker 2 death-trap runs–even many times my thumb was knocked on the right analog stick when I tried to tighten on the facial buttons. Smaller d-pad and condensed layout of the Switch is good for more deliberate titles like Fire Emblem: Three House and The Zelda Legend: Link’s Awakening, but players with large hands may find a lot of dexterity to cram through games.

In the Lite’s analog sticks there is also a potential long-term concern. Many of the Switch Joy-Con have been plagued by Joy-Con drift, where even if the sticks are not touched, the Switch will record some movements. Joy-cons that drift can simply be replaced with a new pair but if the analog sticks of the Switch Lite are acting like them (and they might be suggested by a recent teardown), you might have to replace your entire system.

Nintendo Switch Lite Display

The Switch Lite does not make a compromising size with its 720p touch screen that has been reduced to 5,5 centimeters~14 centimeters, compared to the standard Switch 6,2 centimeters.

Whether I was scattering demons in Bayonetta 2’s purple underworld or exploring the sunny Great Plateau of Zelda Legend, Breath of the Wild, the Switch Lites ‘ display looked comparatively bright and dynamic to the standard switch. Actually, due to the thinner bezels and the uniform chassis, which don’t distract from the on screen, I find that games look a little more immersive. And touch controls work as well on the original model as I found during my fingering with some level ideas in Super Mario Maker 2.

Battery Life

The Switch Lite is a little better than the OG Switch, but not as good as the 2019 Nintendo Switch promises for 09 hours long battery life. In nutshell, it lasts up to 07 hours.

Our Super Smash Brothers were running the Lite. It’s longer than an hour from the Switch for 2017 (2:45, but one hour from 4:50, when the Switch for 2019 was switched in. Following the launch Switch Lite upgrades, there is a longer battery life, but for longer journeys we always advise to have a portable charger.

While Summing Up

I don’t need a handheld version of Nintendo’s $199, the most popular console, as a switch owner. But the compact, attractive design of the system is almost impossible to withstand. This is the perfect companion to travel by subway, air and hanging on the sofa, and the Lite is the one to get to if you’re looking for the cheapest entry in the big game library.

If you care about that part of the Switch experience, the standard $299 Nintendo Switch is best for you. But if you are looking for a dedicated handheld device that plays great on-the-go games, the Switch Lite does so as much as any Nintendo portable device before.

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Nintendo Switch Lite Review: Is It Best Handheld Console Ever?
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