Nintendo reveals new, exciting update for Switch

Published on January 18, 2018

Earlier this week, game developer Nintendo promised its audience to deliver a new and exciting update to its Switch hybrid gaming consoler. In an effort to remain true to their word, the firm has formally revealed their latest project titled, ‘Nintendo Labo.’ As described by Gamespot, the Nintendo Labo is a mini-game collection that involves what looks like a real-life-like cardboard accessory but in the form of a game.


Additional details regarding the matter are still pretty vague at the moment. However, the firm has debuted a trailer, which reveals that the players will be provided with the opportunity to participate in numerous, fun-filled activities such as fishing, playing piano, racing a bike and even destroying cities as a giant robot.

Players will be required to detach the Joy-Cons from the Switch gaming console itself, in order to reconstruct the cardboard-like accessory with the gaming console and start gaming. The instructions for the same have been provided along with the product itself, therefore; players might not end up having a difficult time while understanding the mechanics of the same. Players are required to buy the game as well as the cardboard in order to experience Nintendo’s latest concept Toy-Cons.

Interested purchasers will come across two bundles, namely Variety Kit ($70 USD/$100 AUD) and Robot Kit ($80 USD/$120 AUD). Both of these bundles will be available in U.S. and Australian market, starting April 20. Meanwhile, they are scheduled to release in European market on April 27. Nintendo hasn’t confirmed the price of the product in the European market as yet. Moreover, the company is also providing an additional $10 Customization Set – which includes stencils, stickers and colored tape that will help individuals design their Toy-Cons.

The official website that provides information about Labo informs its users that they have the ability to customize their creations by painting them or even applying glittery stickers. The one line that is especially intriguing is when the company mentions that players can even bring the game back to life. It is still unclear whether users will actually be able to create original games in Labo.

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