Nintendo is back in the game again, thanks to Switch

Published on December 29, 2017

Nintendo managed to shoot back into the market this year, thanks to the fame accumulated by its standalone gaming console, Switch. It is safe to state that this year has been a rebound for the game developer, following a disappointing time that surrounded their Wii U launch. The tables have certainly turned as sales of Nintendo Switch gaming console have gone above and beyond, quite literally. According to a report published by CTV News, Nintendo managed to sell roughly 10 million units of its Switch hybrid gaming consoles before the holiday season worldwide.

Nintendo is back in the game again, thanks to Switch .

If the sales of Nintendo Switch continue to go at its pace then it could end up surpassing the total number of Wii U units sold by them in four years. “Like the movie business, the (video game industry) is a very difficult business to predict,” the report quoted Nintendo (Canada) General Manager, Pierre-Paul Trepanier as saying.

“That being said, when we were first presented with the Switch concept and some of the key games coming for it, I think a lot of folks who have been in the industry for a while, we all kind of felt, ‘Oh, we’ve got a winner here,” he added. “To which degree is it a winner? Will it sell 10 million units? Various internal bets were placed, but it has surpassed expectations overall, certainly mine,” Trepanier continued.

Nintendo’s Switch gaming console has a lot of speculations around it. One of the many reasons why it managed to be such a big hit with fans is because of its unique, exclusive gaming titles such as, ‘Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,’ and ‘Super Mario Odyssey.’

“Having lived through four, five different platform launches going back to the GameCube we are extremely fortunate to have had both a Zelda and a Mario since launch and it’s definitely helped the install base,” Trepanier said. “As a publisher, salesperson, marketer and representative of Nintendo, it’s a once-in-a-career kind of year,” he concluded.

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