Nikon Mirrorless Cameras; the Thinner DSLR

Published on January 24, 2019

Nikon is one of the most well known companies when it comes to premium cameras and lenses, and has managed to create a legacy of products nothing short of the best. Since its inception in 1917, Nikon has managed to take the photography market by storm, with the help of its many products, each designed for a different consumer demographic.

Nikon, mostly famous for its DSLR cameras, has taken steps in different branches of photography. They have also released their own line of SLR cameras and digital cameras. However, their most recent endeavor in photography comes in the form of their new line of mirrorless cameras.

While mirrorless cameras are in no sense new, Nikon’s current interest in these cameras is. Since many consider mirrorless cameras to be the future of photography, Nikon has seen the potential that these cameras can have and has since put their expertise into possibly crafting one of the best mirrorless cameras.

Their newest Z7 manages to catch everything about DSLRs and puts into a somewhat smaller package. The camera offers users image quality that rivals that of any high end DSLR, but also offers movie quality that you would only expect from a proper DSLR. Thanks to the availability of RAW and a wide range of peripherals, it is safe to say that mirrorless cameras are catching up to DSLRs.

Final Thoughts

Although previous iterations of mirrorless cameras were more focused on the size of the camera and its picture quality that sacrificed functionality, the mirrorless camera market is making the leap into heftier and bigger mirrorless cameras. With the new Nikon mirrorless cameras being built much like full priced DSLRs and having weather resistance along with a slew of peripherals, the Nikon Mirrorless lineup of cameras is the future of photography.

Photo credit: Nikon

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