New Windows 10 update is near to complete to get its official name

Published on August 21, 2018

During the last few Windows Insider preview builds of the Windows 10 which have offered the new features that have got focused on fixing the bugs. As per the report, the latest build which was released today needs to take a step toward the completion.

Windows 10

It has changed the operating system’s version of the stamp. For now, the previews have been called themselves as the version 1803 which has released from earlier the year. As per the today’s build updates, the version label will be going to 1809 which shows that the Microsoft has intended to wrap up the development in September with an October release which may be follow up.

The Version 1809 will be the last of the five Redstone which was codenamed as Windows releases. The next release is likely to come in April 2019 which is codenamed as simply 19h1. The company has opted for the date based codenames which will be going with the date based releases.

As there is the number of releases with the big new features, the version 1809 is said to be predecessor 1803 which is relatively a small release. It will not have the splashy new features which are like the virtual reality that can support or add in the late 2017 release. It has got the capability of improving in a large way which can refine by existing the features. The user interface work will be coming in an Explorer which is available in a dark theme. Apart from this, more parts of the operating system will now be adopting the Fluent Design System. Microsoft has made an effort to strengthen with other features which are like a new clipboard that syncs between the devices as well as with a new screen clipping with the screenshotting tool.

The company is said to be also to continue to enhance the cooperation which exists between Windows 10 as well as with your smartphone. This is one of the few changes that the present build will make so that a shortcut will be there in the phone which will be now placed on the desktop which is like the Microsoft which tries to encourage the use.

It is also going to release some of the other new infrastructures; The console subsystem will be used in command line applications which will start to work in much better scenarios like SSH remote access. 

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Windows 10
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