‘New Playstation IP’ Nicknamed ‘Ooze’ Has Reportedly Leaked Online

Published on January 9, 2023

A video of what appears to be a never-before-seen game for the PlayStation platform has been released online.

A snippet of video footage displaying an upcoming, confidential PlayStation 5 game nicknamed “Ooze” was recently revealed on the internet. The video was initially posted on Reddit over the weekend and lasted only a few seconds. It shows someone wearing a futuristic suit aiming their weapon at a large alien edifice with tentacles.

A reliable insider has confirmed that the clip shows an early version of the game, which is now much more advanced. The game is believed to be created with Unreal Engine 5 and is being developed by an external studio in collaboration with Sony’s XDEV team in Liverpool.

The insider also mentioned that the moniker “Ooze” would make more sense when people see more of the game, which is said to be oozier than the clip suggests. Any of Sony’s internal studios are not developing the game, for example, Haven Studios, Firesprite, and Bungie. Sony has not commented on the leak so far.

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