New feature of Google Duo will let you talk even those who don’t have the app

Published on January 12, 2018

Google Due comes up with a new feature to make it more convenient for its users. It now announces the new Android element in which the user can now talk to anyone through voice or video call even if the anyone doesn’t have the app installed.

Duo App

This new feature is now calling as a clever step, which can build up a great interest amongst people. Well, very sooner the Android Police had found some limitations connected to it. This feature can be used by few type of Android users. It was also found that your entire contact list needs to be available on time. The type of Android users is not yet mentioned. This feature can surely make a way for the app to get installed in a number of people.

Besides the confusing points which are still under the veil, it is also being notified that users already had a number of apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram which offers a way to connect contacts through voice or video call. By this, it will be not easy to say that users will try to install another extra stuff for the same thing.

Google Duo is already becoming a part of a number of handsets in brands like OnePlus. The new feature which comes in front by Google Due gets possible by App Preview Massaging which is a component of Google Play services gets afront in 2016. As the new update become the part of a number of headlines, many people had already tried to work on this. Well according to the updates there is no such feature available till now. Let’s see will the company can make out maximum benefit out this.

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