Nanit Plus Baby Monitor Camera Review (2019)

Published on September 20, 2019

Nanit Plus Baby Monitor Review:

Safety of children is uncompromisable. Nanit Plus is an innovative addition in parenting technology. Nanit plus baby monitor has transformed the lives of parents. Whether you are in the next room or at your workplace you can talk to your child, listen to his voice or watch his video with a new addition to service that is two-way communication with your baby.

Nanit Plus Baby Monitor Review

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Nanit is an American company that develops baby monitors along with a mobile application that is used to manage the room temperature, it displays humidity in the room to create a better environment for a kid. Nanit plus uses computer vision as well as machine learning to observe the baby’s sleep patterns using graphs.

Features of Nanit Plus Baby Monitor:

Nanit plus baby monitor has the following features:

  • Infrared night vision
  • Two-way communication
  • High-quality camera
  • Infrared night vision
  • Night light
  • Video recording
  • Temperature & humidity sensor
  • Good audio and video quality
  • Breathing monitoring
  • Sleep track 

Nanit Plus Baby Monitor Pricing:

Nanit Plus Monitor is quite an expensive gadget but the service it provides is incredible. It is literally the best baby monitor ever designed in respect of the technology being used. You can get a camera along with a wall mount in $299 but if you want a movable floor stand along with the camera you have to pay $379.

Components of Nanit Sleep System:

  1. Camera
  2. Mobile App
  3. Nanit Insights


Nanit sleep monitor comes with 960 m resolution, wide-angle lens camera that gives high-quality live streaming as well as recordings of your child. Even the minor details are visible. This camera has specs such as two-way audio communication, motion sensor as well as a night light. Video quality at day time is extremely good while at night time 10 infrared LED lights to provide a fine quality video.

Mobile App:

Nanit Plus has designed a user-friendly App. This app is available for the IOS as well as Android users but unfortunately not available for PCs. the good thing is that you can keep an eye on your baby from any place whether you are at home or at the job. Another good thing about this app is that parent can change the setting to make more than one person to access the live streaming. VOX mode makes the App working in the background so it provides notifications even when the screen is off but it affects your battery timings.

There are five tabs resent on the app that is live feed, activities, dashboard, inbox, and settings.

In the live feed, you can watch the live streaming in full screen, you can also take pictures from a button on the bottom right. Room’s temperature and humidity are also visible. In addition to this, you can play a lullaby during live streaming of video.

In activity section, there is information regarding the sleep time of baby, number of naps, time spent on the crib, last wake up time. It also provides information about how much time is the baby attended by the caretaker of the baby.

Sleeping patterns are explained well by using graphs that are also been drawn in the app. Inbox contains articles related to babies. While settings include your profile information and subscription.

Nanit Insights:

Nanit insights is a separate subscription model that is the best feature of this baby monitoring system. Good news is Nanit offers a free subscription for one month after installing the new camera.  Using machine learning, Nanit insights provide detail information about your baby sleep habits.

Sleep dashboard:

Sleep dashboard stores information about sleep efficiency, the total duration of sleep, number of visits and the time took my baby to fall asleep.

Sleep trends:

In the “activities” tab you can visualize the sleeping trends of your baby sleep and wake patterns every night. This data longs up to 30 days in the app.

Night summary:

This feature breaks the whole timeline of events such as wake up time, sleep time, visits and time away from the crib. It also summarises the night video of the baby.

Sleep tips:

After observing you children sleep patterns in detail, sleep tips are provided for your baby after concerning with experts. This will lead to good sleeping habits of your babies.

Nanit Breathing wear:

Another product introduced by Nanit plus is Nanit Breathing wear. Breathing wear pack contains a swaddle for smaller babies and a band to wrap around the chest for babies of about six months or older is $49. Though this product isn’t necessary for checking the sleeping patterns of the baby.

Insight Service Subscription:

Nanit plus offers a one-year free Nanit insight service which has some next-level features.

  • The basic package that keeps recordings for 7 days in $5/month
  • premium insights that save videos for 30 days in $10/month
  • Insights unlimited subscription will let you save video for an indefinite period in $30/month

Nanit plus monitoring system is expensive than other monitoring system but the services provided by Nanit plus are not provided by those brands. It is a worthy investment for your peace as well as your children wellbeing.

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Nanit Plus Baby Monitor Review
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