Miniature PlayStation release date and pre-order details: Sony

Published on September 26, 2018

A good news for the gaming fans, Sony has launched a new miniature Playstation which is already pre-loaded with around 20 PS1 titles. You must be thinking that the small model will give a small replica but you might be wrong here, it is small in size but gives the full size of the replica controller. December is the month said for the sale of this miniature PlayStation. The cost of this will be around $100 to $130 CAN. Also According to the reports, the new miniature PlayStation is 45% smaller than the actual one as per the reports were given by NES and SNES consoles

As it was announced that the new miniature PS will have 20 inbuilt games, out of which Sony has announced only five of them which are Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, and Wild Arms. These are the games which were most popular amongst the youngster and fan of PS and seems like a nice collection.

This miniature of PS will have a USB cable, HDMI cable and also two wired controllers. We would thank Sony for giving two analogue sticks and vibration function in 1997 when it released the DualShock controller for PS1, which was seen as an improvement in PlayStation as said by the people. But according to the stats we are still in the confusion that this Playstation will include these games or not, games such as Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Final Fantasy Tactics, Resident Evil, therefore one thing which we can do is wait for the launch and experience the inbuilt games at your place.

If we talk about what is the measures and rumours about PlayStation then we are completely unaware that how much PlayStation will Sony will make before its launch. Like other products, the pre-order booking has been started so that you will get at the launch and experience it. The sites where you can place your order are, Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target, and Walmart and the most important thing is that all of these business websites where the PlayStation is available to have the same amount, $100.

One interesting thing by the sellers is that you can anytime cancel your pre-booked order if you change your mind to not experience the miniature of PlayStation.

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