Mini LED fibre optic tree. Hack from the past.04:33

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Published on July 9, 2017

A very long time ago the local Asian outlets in Glasgow were selling these little battery operated fibre optic trees. I liked them, but decided it would be an interesting project to convert them to mains voltage with a PCB that used the same screw holes as the base.
The circuit uses a simple capacitive dropper with through hole components mounted in the style of surface mount on the back of the base plate, and with a couple of support pillars holding a cluster of 7 standard 5mm LEDs close to the end of the fibre bundle.

It worked very well and I had a few of these running 24/7 in my house for several years. Not sure when I made them though as I haven’t put a date on the PCB. Rather annoyingly, the shops ran out of this style of base just after I had designed the PCB.

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