Microsoft’s New Surface Go Boasts Portable Power

Published on August 17, 2018

Microsoft has been working for years to invent a perfect combination of laptop and tablet. It was challenging to create a technological breakthrough especially when older versions of surface RT had many performance issues. The original version did not have many apps and had a confusing RT desktop mode.

Microsoft surface 2 came with the impressive kickstand but still lacked many features. Surface 3 has emerged as a complete transformation of Windows, with a purpose to design a useful tablet for the customers.

Initially, Microsoft seemed stuck with the designs of Surface Pro but the invention of surface Go proved it wrong. The latest table set the new bars and become an excellent machine, giving you an amazing Window 10 experience in a tiny 10- inch tablet.

The mini tablet has excellent strong graphics, with a fantastic speaker and displays a fairly decent prize. The new model is the better version of Window tablet with the efficient operating system. Microsoft Surface Pro comes with terrific app compatibility.

However, Microsoft has made some cuts to create a Pro tablet-particularly in the power departments, but that did not decrease the quality scale. The Surface Go is an updated version of Surface 3 and it is worth the wait.

The modern device can be your everyday drive for anything from watching movies to completing official projects. Microsoft, with this ground-breaking invention, has definitely leaped ahead in making a powerful, compact and excellent tablet. The device has become the buyers’ favorite in a very short time span.

Bottom Line

All in all, Microsoft surface Go has taken an edge over other small tablets for its unique features. Not only this device is surprisingly affordable but also offers high-tech performance. Thus, it is a powerful version that Microsoft has so far offered with the features like HD graphics, 128 GB storage and five MP cameras.

Photo by: Microsoft 

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