Microsoft is working on foldable Surface Notepad: Reports

Published on December 17, 2017

We all know that tech giant is now working on models to create smartphones, tablets and other semi-smartphone devices with a foldable display. Microsoft is again in the news for introducing foldable notepad-like device. Earlier this year a patent filed by Microsoft teased how the company is planning to launch foldable devices. Now a new patent which was first spotted by MSPU reports that the upcoming foldable surface will be a “hinged device.” The patent was filed by the Microsoft’s Surface engineers who have created various surface hinges and devices.

Here we have depicted some images which are edited to remove the disturbing text and to give a bright look. The device appears to be a book like a device. If you have seen Lenovo’s Yoga Book, you’ll surely go familiar with these images. This upcoming foldable surface is expected to carry a visual keyboard, a foldable display which means that two screens joined using small hinges leaving a narrow gap in between. The device will also give flexibility of 360 which means that it can provide a perfect function of nightstand and others. The software and the hardware are still covered. Even the technique used to create is always hidden, but if the device arrives with such a design showcased in the image, it won’t be called as a foldable surface as Lenovo has already launched this kind of device.

It’s like two screens are connected using connectors, I would personally call it Surface with the foldable display when the company does serve an OLED display which can be bent or moulded to drop the size of the device and to give a complete flexibility.

Microsofts appears to be using gear-like cogs to create an adjustable hinge which will then allow the device to hold in different positions. Microsoft’s Courier-like device will carry small hinges which will help in pretending it as a complete foldable display device.

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