Microsoft Will Release Chromium Edge as Part of Windows 10 Update in January 2020

Published on December 18, 2019

In the recent announcement from Microsoft, it states that the company is now going to release the customized edge browser. Earlier, the company has given a hint about it, and it even says that it will move to a Chromium-based browser. 

The browser is designed in such a way that it comes as an integration for the Microsoft services. The design is present in there for many years and it under the testing phase. Now the company will be bringing it to the people. The version that will be hitting the market is stable, and it will come with the update for Windows 10.

Image Credit: Extreme Tech

Reason for Edge

For some years, the company is trying hard to attract people away from Google Chrome. Currently, Chrome from Google is dominating the web browser. Apart from that these things, one can see that they are trying to restore the users of Windows and try to put warnings about Chrome too. Edge of having got some of its own customize EdgeHTML engine. 

What did the new Edge get?

All the new edge browser that is coming with the January Windows update, you can see that the Chromium base is best and similar to other ones. But the new thing that comes with it is you can go for the access as well as other features which are Bing and tracker blocking as well. 

Moreover, then these things, the company will also be supporting extensions for it for now. Developers who all are working on it will be too providing the Edge composition things for the browsers.

To get the latest Edge update, you need to wait till January 2020. For that, there are some users who all think to enjoy the things immediately need to have patience.

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