Microsoft updates its patent application for foldable screen smartphone

Published on December 27, 2017

The concept of a foldable smartphone is under the over while some recipes are coming regularly from a different chef. This means that various companies are filing the patent application for foldable screen smartphone, but in actual the patent applications isn’t giving the final work of a foldable display. A foldable smartphone which can be folded to form a tablet is not the one which can be called as a foldable screen smartphone. There are many such devices which have been launched till now like ZTE Axon M, Kyocera Echo and many more.

Image Credit: WinCentral

Microsoft is in highlight for introducing foldable screen smartphone since the days of the Courier. The latest patent images from Microsoft suggests some improvements over the concept of a foldable smartphone. The new patent indicates the solution of use of hinges.

The trend of bezel-less screens is seemingly an obstacle to this concept of a foldable smartphone. As the images suggest that even making the bezel thinner the hinges portion will surely carry some of that which will ultimately spoil the overall concept of foldable screen smartphone.

The new patent report and images show that Microsoft has decided to use a particular type of hinges which uses tension wires to keep the two screens connected to each other. Moreover, these hinges will also allow a free-stop 360-degree rotation at any angle, and that won’t use the locking mechanism too.

The use of hinges may not look at a full fledge foldable screen smartphone, but as of now we can say that if the company succeeds in giving such a device which can be folded or unfolded to decrease the size of the screen without showing the hinges then it would be called as a device with foldable screen. But as according to many other users who are eagerly waiting for foldable screen smartphones, the concept is still a dream.

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