Microsoft to end the Surface Plus financing upgrade program

Published on September 14, 2018

It is just a year when Microsoft has launched its Surface Pro financing program, but now the company has decided to an end. On Friday, Microsoft said that it has stopped accepting all the new users, but it says that the existing users who are there will be able to finish the plans or to upgrade the devices.

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This program has introduced by the company which a year ago, that allowed the customers to spread the cost of the new Surface Pro which is said to be over the two years along with the payment plan which is known as Klarna Financing. It will also allow them to upgrade the new device which will be after 18 months which has provided about the customers which have returned the devices in all the good condition.

It is seen that the users who have already enrolled in the program which will be still receiving the benefits of the membership. It will be able to continue with the monthly payment plan with the option to upgrade for about 18 months. It seems that they can simply give them all the 24 payments to keep the current Surface device. It can be seen that one change is said to be existing customers who will have to deal with in October. In this case, they need to contact with the Microsoft support which is said to be as the Surface Plus site is shutting down.

As per the previous reports, Microsoft has not given any kind of information which usually surrounds the decision to end the Surface Plus Program. It is said that the program has received some fewer reviews which is from the customers. In the post from Reddit, it has discussed that the merits of the programs in which is said that the plan was worth it for the zero-per cent financing, but it has warned to Microsoft and Klarna who had issues with the communication.

It is seen that some of the users are present within the thread who all got warned against the 18 months upgrade that has cautioned the users. It would be off by simply by selling the device which is after 24 months who have wanted to get the new surface. On the site of the Microsoft, they have seen that the several users are who all they have rejected fro the program who have got excellent credit scores.  One user who has claimed that Klarna has lied to him which is about to run a credit check on him which is after receiving the confirmation which is from Experian in which no such check has occurred till now.

As per Engadget, Microsoft has shut down the Surface Plus Portal on 30th September 2018.

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