Microsoft Surface Studio 2

Published on February 28, 2019

Are you looking for the perfect canvas which will allow you to express yourself fully? Well then the Microsoft Surface Studio 2 is the perfect device for you.

Since its release, the Microsoft Surface 2 has been the undisputed choice in computers for aspiring artists and graphic designers alike. Not only is the Studio 2 incredibly powerful, but it is also incredibly versatile with a variety of different features that make the process of creating masterpieces all the more effortless.

The Studio 2 comes equipped with a massive 28” PixelSense display with 10 point Multi-Touch. The screen is incredibly bright and vivid, giving amazing picture quality, and allows for incredibly detailed color grading thanks to the amazing 4500 x 3000 resolution.

The screen is also incredibly smart and responds to various touch commands in different ways. The Surface studio 2 is accidental touch resistant and comes with the surface pen and the surface knob that completely changes your thought process. The Surface knob also offers a slew of different features that are exclusive to the software you are using. That being said, you can also map its functionality to better suit your needs.

The Surface Studio 2 is the most powerful surface yet with 7th Gen core i7 along with GeForce 1060 dedicated graphics. This makes it as fast as most computers currently present on the market, but it trumps them in both style and functionality. The Surface Studio 2 is the ultimate computer that is as creative as the person using it. With the addition of the Surface Pen and the Surface Knob the only limits to the Studio 2 is your creativity. Not only is this possibly the best Surface yet, but it is also a computer for everyone. Microsoft has truly outdone themselves with their newest addition to the Studio lineup, which is smart, versatile, functional, and stylish.

Photo credit: Microsoft

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