Microsoft plans to add second screen for ‘bigger’ smartphone experience

Published on December 28, 2017

Several rumors and speculations in the recent past have suggested that Microsoft plans on making a major comeback in the smartphone market with its highly-anticipated ‘Surface Phone’ device sometime soon. The Redmond technology giant has been filing for many patents, which may or may not be directly related to the building of the upcoming smartphone. According to a report by Business Insider, the latest one arrives in the form of a new patent filing as well. The patent reveals a nifty new hinge, which was initially noticed by Windows Latest first.


Image Credit: WinCentral

The latest patent filing consists of a title called, ‘Hinge with Free-Stop Function.’ The description of the patent suggests that users can connect two screens in a way as to generate a unified smartphone display experience. The design of the hinge will be such that the screen does not stick out or protrude and cause a distraction to users.

The modern-day design portrayed through the patent ensures that the device sits flat on an individual’s palm. The hinge further showcases the ability to fold as well. Individuals would leave the screen unfolded at any angle and the smartphone would continue to stand in that position until it is manually changed.

Microsoft New Patent Images

Image Credit: WinCentral

As noted by Business Insider, Microsoft is primarily opting for this design because the Redmond giant feels that the rise of “edge to edge smartphone screens” is increasing in number. This year, numerous smartphones such as Apple’s iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8 have only further gone on to promote the use of smartphones with larger display sizes.

There isn’t much room for improvement in those smartphones, however; Microsoft wants to create a product that allows users to be flexible for different experimentations. There is no confirmed date as to when the smartphone is going to arrive in the market.

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