Microsoft launches their Windows 10 on ARM, with the HP and Asus promising about twenty plus hours of continuous battery life

Published on December 7, 2017

The Windows tablets and laptops do traditionally run on the X86 processors from both the AMD and Intel. The Microsoft has been known for experimenting with the ARM-based processors, with their recent launch of the Surface RT and with the Windows RT, during the year 2012.


Image Credit: TechCrunch

The complete failure of these Surface RT happened due to the software that was running the processor. The system was capable of running with a small subset of the applications, which they have been specifically compiled to run with. This particular reason lets the process not to install software like Photoshop, Chrome and much more. The Microsoft’s marketing for their Surface RT was definitely a confusing one for many of their regular customers.

By fast forwarding to today, the Microsoft is now ready to launch their laptops with the ARM, and they are about to give it out another try. In this time, the customers shall run any of the programs on the laptop as they wish. The Windows 10 that has been installed on the ARM is launching officially today, while the Microsoft is not launching any of the ARM-based Surfaces devices yet, the company has now partnered with the HP to launch a new class of laptops, which shall officially brand the Microsoft as the “Always Connected Devices.”

The major difference between the previous failed RT experiment and with these new devices is that the users shall be able to run any of the existing Windows applications along with other modern peripherals in their laptop. It’s really interesting to witness the Microsoft launch this particular platform without introducing a new flagship device, lining up with their Surface devices.

The Microsoft team does claim that they are doing it to make the company work closely with the ecosystem to validate, build and harden this particular platform.

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Windows 10 on ARM
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