Microsoft accused of stealing design from artwork; fans are furious

Published on December 29, 2017

It has been widely suggested that no idea is absolutely original these days. In other words, innovation inevitably finds its inspiration somewhere or another. Little did everyone know that this would apply to a technology giant as huge as Microsoft? According to a report published by Business Insider, an artist has accused the Redmond technology giant of apparently stealing their idea for a video game ad. While the company hasn’t responded to this accusation as yet, many of the Microsoft fans and gamers seem furious with this.

This can be visible on Reddit, which is currently flooding with hate posts against Microsoft was pulling off such a cheap stunt. If observed carefully, the company seems to have stolen the overall design of a piece of their artwork. This is present in most of the Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds’ promotions. As most may already know, PUBG is the hottest video game of this year.

The copy-cat version of the artwork was posted on Microsoft’s official Xbox Twitter account on Tuesday, 26th December 2017. Among the first one to observe this was a Reddit user called, ‘Macsterr.’ Macsterr went on to claim that the artwork is visually similar to a design that they had created and posted on Reddit earlier in November this year. Reddit’s active community of video game fans seems to agree with Macsterr. The post made by the user ended up receiving about 115,00 upvotes on Reddit alone.

As noted by Business Insider, “The tweet from Xbox was deleted shortly after Macsterr posted about it to Reddit on Tuesday night. A spokesperson for Microsoft confirmed that it had removed the artwork and was investigating the situation.

Microsoft Xbox community manager Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb also wrote in the original Reddit thread on Wednesday afternoon that they would follow up with Macsterr when more details were available.”

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