Logitech announces vertical mouse with MX Vertical

Published on August 24, 2018

On Monday, Logitech has announced about the MX Vertical which is said to be the first vertical mouse which comes from the popular peripheral maker. This is said to be Logitech’s latest mouse which does not flip with the idea of the mouse which is upside down. It is at a degree of 57-degree angle of a desk which is said to angle off a desk. This MX Vertical usually takes the same design as well as the performance which cues as the rest of the Logitech’s MX line. It has put some the vertical mouse in form factor.

It is seen that the entire design of the MX Vertical is meant to reduce the strain as well as movement. As per Logitech, the tilted shape can reduce with the muscular activity which is up to 10 per cent which is compared with the regular mouse. The sensor that the vertical mouse has got the supports which is up to 4,000 DPI to negate the need to move with the mouse physically. There is also a dedicated button which is present on top of the MX Vertical which allows the users to get an easy adjustment. This stays between the higher as well as lower DPI settings which are with a single press. This also gives an option to press as well as drag with the mouse for finer adjustments.

The MX Vertical is larger as well as heavier which 135g than the typical mice is. The idea is said to have contouring the mouse which makes it easier to keep the wrist as well as forward which is in the straighter as well as less strained position.

In the mouse, there are two customized buttons which are present on the left side with the button on the aluminium top. This can be used to adjust the pointer speed which is said to be by default, but it can be customized through Logitech’s Options desktop app. One can assign a series of gesture which is controlled shortcuts in the app.

This device can also connect with the help of the USB-C, Bluetooth or Logitech’s Unifying Receiver USB dongle. On can connect the six wireless Logitech devices to the one receiver. If you can own a Logitech keyboard which is said to be possible to add the MX Vertical to an existing setup which is without using extra ant ports on the computer.

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