Location tracking issue of Google may affect you

Published on August 21, 2018

During the last 20 months, Twitter, as well as Facebook, has committed some reputational suicide which has been very painful for both of the companies. The cost of these incidents has been said to be very terrible on the free press, democracy as well as put at risk all populations.

We have been perversely absorbed by the epic-scale human rights which are incompetencies of Facebook as well as in Twitter. Now, Google is said to be playing the same trick by allowing that we don’t track the location thing to all of its users.

As per the Associated Press, this published this week that the findings of the investigation show that Google tracks your locations which is even that you have shut off the Location History setting. This is what the company says is that if you do that, then Google will stop monitoring you Google’s has managed to delete the Location History pages states which can turn off the Location History at any time. If you go for the Location History off, the places that you can go to will be no longer stored.

According to AP, it said that this statement by Google is not true. Even if you have made your Location History paused, despite this Google apps has automatically stored the time-stamped location data which is without asking. It is said to be the location leakage which is almost everything which is not Location History. If any user does not know that their way is around the inherent deceit along with the data thievery of the apps which is not a huge surprise which you think about it.

The AP’s piece got some traction; Google has got kind of scrambled to get the message together which is by giving different statements to its different outlets. The AP has got an old-school Facebook style which talks around the issue by saying that now the user is blaming Google that it is tracking their location history by saying that it is trying to improve the people experience.

Currently, if you want to know that you are getting tracked or not then, you can’t know about it. Your phone is acting as a tracking device as a result how much you try you can’t get avoid the tracking service. The cell towers know your location by physical position as well as by using Wi-Fi clocks by your location. 

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