List of 18 placeholder product listings for Switch by Amazon

Published on January 1, 2018

Amazon has officially published a list of 18 placeholder product listings for Nintendo’s hybrid gaming console, Switch, a report by Gematsu states. Each of these listings has been given the name, “Switch Title,” followed by their respective numbers.

List of 18 placeholder product listings for Switch by Amazon

One can easily identify the listings through the help of an image, which is further accompanied with a Switch logo as well as a text, which reads, “Just announced at the Nintendo Switch Event.” The report by Gematsu further notes that each of these images is also used for newer products that were recently announced at the official Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 earlier in January 2017. These are the same that appeared for the listing for Project Octopath Traveler.

Following given is the complete list published by e-commerce giant Amazon:

  1. Switch Title 14
  2. Switch Title 16
  3. Switch Title 17
  4. Switch Title 18
  5. Switch Title 19
  6. Switch Title 20
  7. Switch Title 22
  8. Switch Title 23
  9. Switch Title 24
  10. Switch Title 25
  11. Switch Title 27
  12. Switch Title 28
  13. Switch Title 29
  14. Switch Title 30
  15. Switch Title 31
  16. Switch Title 32
  17. Switch Title 34
  18. 18)Switch Title 35

Internet users and fans of Nintendo Switch have been speculating since long that the game developer is planning on holding an event, wherein they will specifically be addressing Nintendo Direct and all the other important details regarding the same. The game developer further went on to announce that they are also planning on announcing newer titles. As noted by Gemastu, these listings are evidence for this speculation, as a leaked Fe campaign roadmap from Electronic Arts back in November suggested a Nintendo Direct would be held in January. The company is also rumored to have postponed the launch of 64GB of game cards till 2019.

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