LG is taking a new approach to its smartphones

Published on January 12, 2018

In an effort to shake up its smartphone strategy, the Korean technology giant LG is planning on unveiling their new smartphone only “when it is needed.” At a press conference conducted at the official Consumer Electronics Show, which was held in Las Vegas this week, the company’s Vice Chairman, Sung-Jin Cho said, “We will unveil new smartphones when it is needed. But we will not launch it just because other rivals do.”


According to a report published by CNET, Sung-Jin Cho’s comments emerge while LG’s flagship smartphone line-up – especially G and V series of premium category – have often found to be ignored in the favor of handsets launched by Apple and Samsung among other Chinese giants including Xiaomi and OnePlus.

His comment even further goes on to spark numerous speculations that suggest that LG is planning on dropping annual upgrades altogether. This is believed to be a response to its flagship offerings not doing so well in the market. Cho further went on to state that LG plans on retaining existing models by unleashing “more variant models” for numerous regions and different customers.

Experts are also led to believe that LG wants to change the launch time of their respected smartphones within the calendar year so that they don’t fall in direct competition with others.

For instance, LG has traditionally launched its G phone at Mobile World Congress in late February, right around when Samsung launches its new Galaxy phone. His comments could be interpreted to mean the launch will happen at a different time so there’s less overlap. Samsung will launch its Galaxy S9 at MWC,” notes CNET. It is also being believed by most that LG is planning on reducing the number of flagship smartphones that it releases per year. On the contrary, LG spokesman said that this story is false that no such decision has been taken by the company as yet.

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LG is taking a new approach to its smartphones
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