Lenovo Smart Display 10 Review

Published on October 26, 2018

If you are looking for a kitchen assistant, look no further than Lenovo Smart Display. This device has a great design and is ideal for multitasking and responds to voice and touch commands smoothly.

What is New?

The screen of Lenovo Smart Display provides a richer sound experience. You can ask for a list of nearby restaurants and command integrated Google Assistant to read them for you. Installing Lenovo Smart Display is ideal to make your kitchen a smart kitchen.

Plus, you can simply use touch or voice option to get specific information like pictures, reviews, or direction.

Not only restaurant information, but Lenovo Smart Display provides updates on weather. You can ask a plethora of questions and Google Assistant will answer them one by one. Lenovo Smart Display allows you to make video calls when you are in the kitchen. And, you can use it to watch your favorite videos on YouTube. You can also control voice-controlled home devices such as Google Home Speaker. Just say triggering words like OK Google or Hey Google.

Apart from this, the Lenovo Smart device is great to listen to some music or radio. You can hear podcasts on the go as well. Plus, you can help children with their homework as it allows you to look for meanings of words, which is amazing.

When it comes to online shopping, Lenovo Smart Display lets you add items to your shopping list. You can use it to shop from Google Express. Lenovo 10 does not come with an App store like other gadgets.

You can control over 4,000 smart home devices with Lenovo Smart Display.

Bottom Line

Lenovo Smart Display cannot only be a virtual assistant for your kitchen, but it can help in numerous day-to-day tasks as well. These factors make it a must-have smart home device.

Photo by: Lenovo

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