Legendary Pokemon Kyogre is now available in Pokemon Go

Published on January 14, 2018

There’s good news for Pokemon Go fans – the legendary Pokemon Kyogre is going to be available to them for a limited period of time. As noted by Gamespot, the game will be made available to players – starting today. The players can discover the legendary Pokemon Kyogre at Gyms and can use them in Raid Battles as well. These Pokemon will be available for a span of next couple of weeks.

Legendary Pokemon Kyogre is now available in Pokemon Go

The game is also expected to pack up other Legendaries. In order to obtain them, players will probably have to team up with other players and battle out Kyogre. It is only after you defeat a Kyogre that you will even have a chance of capturing other Legendaries or Kyogre itself.

“Kyogre is a powerful Water-type Pokemon, so players will want to bring Electric- and Grass-types such as Jolteon, Zapdos, and Exeggutor to gain the advantage over it,” notes Gamespot. Pokemon Go game developer Niantic has been posting teasers to Kyogre since weeks now. They have clearly stated that Kyogre is going to be the next ‘Legendary Pokemon’ that will come to the popular Augmented Reality (AR) game.

For those who aren’t aware, Kyogre actually marks the second ‘Generation 3 Legendary’ that will be arriving on Pokemon Go up till now. The Legendary Pokemon follows up with others, namely Pokemon Ruby and Groudon. The players will be required to add the Legendary Pokemon to their respective teams. They can encounter the Pokemon for a limited period of time. As far as Groudon is concerned, the Pokemon will appear in Raid Battles until January 15, giving you only a couple more days to catch the gigantic Pokemon.

Coming to Kyogre, players of Pokemon Go will be able to encounter Kyogre in Pokemon Go until February 14 at least. This makes it a month since the Legendary Pokemon is made available for use. Meanwhile, Niantic took the wraps off a new monthly real-world event for the game called ‘Community Days.’

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Legendary Pokemon Kyogre is now available in Pokemon Go.
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