Leaked: Fitbit’s upcoming smartwatch design got leaked!

Published on October 30, 2018

Fitbit, one of the most interesting and featured smartwatches which had a great response from the users and many positive reviews about it, but suddenly it has its downfall for some month. Fitbit claimed that it will surely have good and positive results in the market and that statement come true when Fitbit got a profit of $10 million in the third quarter of this year. This profit had raised the Fitbit at great heights, more than the last year’s loss and this year’s spring loss(last year loss-  $2.8million and spring loss of $5 million). Therefore, now it had the versa in particular with the recovery of its watch.



After this it was also been able to see that, Fitbit got the more demands in the market and it started standing just behind Apple. You all must be aware of the water resistance- Fitbit can stay above water also. Versa has the cost around $199 but regarding with this also spent much of Q3 competing against old-in-the-tooth rivals. The main issue and talks which are being heated up are that the new Apple Watch series 4 had a good response from the market but for a couple of months, therefore, now it is completely visible that Fitbit has the two competitors in the market which can be beaten up very easily, one is the Apple watch and other is the Samsung’s Galaxy Watch.

Fitbit had the survey a few days back and it was found that the sale of smartwatches is comparatively less in the holiday than other watches. This is the main reason why Fitbit has less demand in the market. Whereas there is no doubt that this smartwatch has fewer features, it has many features which a smartwatch should have. You should try this as it had great response earlier too.

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