LastPass Will Scan The Dark Web For Your Password

Published on August 5, 2020
Image Credit: [LogMeln]

We all have more than one account that we struggle to remember the login information for. Password managers really are useful. They make it easier to create unique passwords for all your accounts and they can easily tell when you have reused a password. Last Pass has a new feature that will provide an overview of all your accounts. It will reveal to you any passwords that could pose a risk.

If you’re already a LastPass users, then the Security Dashboard should sound familiar. That’s because it’s based on the Security Challenge functionality that LastPass added back in 2010. Grading is a major part of the interface. When you first get to the Security Dashboard, you’ll find that your logins are all scored, and accompanied by a break down of their security.

LogMeIn hasn’t changed how the app calculates the overall score it gives to each user. But one major improvement the Security Dashboard provides is that you don’t need to manually open it every time you want to see your security.

Image Credit: [LogMeln]

Now, with the new update, LastPass is introducing dark web monitoring. When the feature is turned on, LastPass will check your online accounts against a database of dark web credentials. If there’s a problem, you will be contacted through your email and the app.

Usually, password managers and select web browsers offer somewhat similar functionality. 1Password allows users to do a security checkup with its Watchtower feature, and 1Password will also check your credentials to see if you’re information is out there.

Featured Image Credit: [LastPass]

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