Kodi launched for Xbox One, comes with limitations

Published on January 1, 2018

Kodi (or previously known as Xbox Media Center (XBMC)), has officially launched its home theatre software in Xbox One stores for the first time. The device was announced through an official blog post published by Sony. The product is available in the form of downloadable release. The product is currently in its early stages of development. However, according to a report published by Digital Trends, some functionality is found to be missing in the PC version of the software.


Image Credit- Windows Central

The Xbox Kodi features several major facilities as missing. For instance, it has lack of access to the Blu-ray drive of Xbox One or external hard drives that should ideally come attached. Players have limited access to certain regions of Xbox One video and music folders as well no network access to connection options other than NFS:// Shares.

Apart from this, it is only reported that Xbox One interface might not even work with additional plug-ins and add-ons. A Kodi representative, while detailing the development progress, wrote, “What you should really understand and keep remembering is that it is still in early stages of development and has very rough edges, might not be as stable as the regular version and may even be missing some functions. Due to the nature of how UWP works our hands are tied in some areas.”

To recall, the first version of Kodi software – XBMX – was designed to work on the original Xbox console roughly fifteen years ago. The latest one features a full development circle as it relates directly with numerous Microsoft consoles.

Apart from this, owners of the original Xbox One back then had to get their systems hacked in order to install XBMC. The company plans to update Kodi for Xbox One every now and then so that such a thing never has to take place.

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