Klipsch BAR 48 Premium Soundbar Review

Published on January 8, 2020
Klipsch BAR 48 Premium Soundbar Review
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Klipsch BAR 48 Sound has a very impressive audio performance. The performance finds its origin from the legendary speaker know-how and horn-loaded tweeters. Due to the price in which soundbar is available in the market, the lack of HDMI inputs and a limited set of features makes it hard to recommend it. The 3.1 channel performance and well-integrated subwoofer along with easy to set up and use in addition to optional surrounds are the plus points of Klipsch BAR 48 Sound. The features that add to the unpopularity of the system are its design which is of an acquired taste and the immersive audio is also not impressive along with the absence of HDMI inputs.

Klipsch BAR 48 Design:

Klipsch BAR 48 Sound uses the famous horn-loaded tweeters in a pair that adorns the front of the soundbar. The bar is made with an acquired taste. The fans of horn tweeters would undoubtedly like it but to others it would look ugly. The tweeters cannot be covered with the grille. The soundbar is made up of wood. The wooden constructed soundbar is better in audio quality than the one made up of plastic. The width of the sound bar suits the larger TVs that have a screen of sizes over 55 inches and has a low profile at 73 mm.

The silver finishing adds some elegance in the horn-loaded which would otherwise have just been a black rectangular box. Klipsch BAR 48 Sound has interchangeable end caps allowing you to match it with interior of your house. The soundbar does not have a display screen but some LED indicator lights along with some control buttons at the top on the far right. The control buttons include power, input and volume.

Klipsch BAR 48 Sound also employs a wireless subwoofer;  that is also made up of wood. The built quality of the subwoofer matches the build quality of the soundbar. It makes the use of 8 inch downward-firing driver with a bass port. When the soundbar is turned on for the first time, the sub-woofer should connect with the sound bar automatically.

Klipsch BAR 48 Features:

Klipsch BAR 48 Sound has been designed as a plug and play solution. It is used to quickly and effectively upgrade the audio that is built in for your TV. The soundbar has been built quite simply but does provide all functionalities for which it has been built. It has a 3.1 channel speaker configuration.

The dialogues remain simple and focused through the use of a speaker in the center. Separate wireless woofers handle lower frequencies. The whole system has a total power of 440 watt. The driver is amplified separately and deliver detailed and non-static performance.

Three sound modes of Dialogue, Night and Surround are available. The Dialogue mode increases the vocal clarity of the sound. Through the night mode the dynamic range of the sound is reduces. This mode is used to keep the environment quiet. The surround mode creates the effect of rear speakers virtually.

Klipsch BAR 48 Performance:

Klipsch BAR 48 Sound focuses on building the best possible 3.1 channel performance, that too from a mid-range soundbar. The soundbar has achieved what it has been built vey appealingly. The soundbar shows the competence of the company and its capability to build awesome sound and audio devices. The use of proprietary horn-headed tweeters by the company shows the implementation of their great knowledge about audio and sound.

Klipsch BAR 48 Sound is a wide and expansive front sound stage. It is able to define the higher frequencies nicely while maintaining the depth and clarity. All the above discussion ensures that Klipsch BAR 48 Sound is a very impressive audio device. The biggest asset of Klipsch BAR 48 Sound is the dedicated center speaker. The center speaker makes sure that the dialogues are cleared and focused.

Klipsch BAR 48 Pricing:

Klipsch BAR 48 Sound with its abundant power and larger subwoofers provides great front end soundstage. The lacking features of the soundbar are the HDMI inputs. The bar cannot decode lossless audio. The absence of facility for WI-FI and other smart features plus the multi-room functionality makes it hard to consider it best in its price.

Our Verdict:

Klipsch BAR 48 Sound is a quality built audio device. The sound that it offers through its speakers and the effective and efficient use of iconic horn-loaded tweeters makes it a very impressive sound and audio gadget. All the activities like listening to the music, catching the latest blockbuster or watching your favorite TV show are fulfilled very qualitatively in terms of sound by this Klipsch BAR 48 Sound.

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