Kirby Battle Royale receives a new trailer

Published on January 6, 2018

There’s some good news for those looking forward towards the unveiling of important details regarding the highly-anticipated game called, ‘Kirby Battle Royale.’ According to a report published by Hardcore Gamer, a full-fledged trailer showcasing the game in its full glory has been published online by the developers.

Users can now get an idea of the different number of games modes, which will enable them to game with Kirby in the newest game for the 3DS. As noted in the report by Hardcore Gamer, the trailer which is being shown off in the latest mode shows off a few battle modes and abilities. Players will be able to customize their own versions through the Battle Royale. An online version of the game is also expected to be available wherein users will be able to fight other players in the market.

The battle royale style game has become highly popular, thanks to Player’s Unknown Battle Grounds. PUBG has gained massive popularity in a span of a year. They currently have about 3 million concurrent users on Steam alone. They plan on expanding their reach soon enough. The game is currently only available on Steam, Xbox One, and PC desktops.

In the list of free, hero shooter-style games in the market, Paladins tops the list at the moment. The game has become so popular that it is being compared to the legendary Overwatch game. According to a report published by Gamespot, its game developers are apparently planning on launching a PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds-style battle royale mode.

The mode in itself is titled, ‘Battlegrounds,’ and is expected to be integrated into Paladins at some point this year. This is not the first time that a particular gaming title has attempted at bringing about a PUBG-style mode. Previously, major gaming titles such as Warface and Fortnite also brought about similar changes.

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