Keep Your Smartphone Germ-Free With These Wipes

Published on September 3, 2020

COVID-19 is all around us and business and organizations are chomping at the bit to create products that help solve the coronavirus problem. To that end, popular smartphone accessory manufacturer Case Mate has announced smartphone-specific antibacterial wipes.

‘CleanScreenZ Phone Cleaning Wipes’ seek to cash in on the need for reassurance from bacteria and viruses. Like any other self-reloading wipe, these work by removing 1 of the included sheets out of the pack and then wiping your smartphone. Truly innovative, I know.

CleanScreenZ Phone Cleaning Wipes have, at least, passed the GB 15979-2002 hygiene test. The test sets a relatively high bar in the removal of viruses and bacteria.

These wipes are supposedly long-lasting, working for around 48 hours. If this is true, then the included set of sheets will lower the already ridiculously unlikely chance of you becoming infected with the COVID-10 by way of your smartphone. Incredible.

Just as literally every other product in this sector does, CleanScreenZ Phone Cleaning Wipes come in small pack that can easily opened and close because its not 1935. I know it seems obvious, but I still feel the need to inform you that these wipes can be used on anything. Imagine that.

CleanScreenZ Phone Cleaning Wipes cost $10 bucks + tax.

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