Keep these things in mind before ditching your old phone

Published on December 16, 2017

The holiday season is here and if you plan on treating yourself with a new smartphone then right for you. However, this would mean that you’re ditching your old phone. Before you carry out the farewell ceremony, however, you must keep the following given checklist in mind:


Two-factor Authentication

The two-factor authentication security measure is a part of most apps and websites these days. Why not? After all, it is the most effective measure till date. Sometimes these codes are sent to your smartphone directly via a text message. Before ditching your old phone, make sure that you erase these words from your system. Clear out your memory cache.

Chat History

Your smartphone must surely be loaded with numerous instant messengers. Information stored in the app is information stored in your device’s memory. Therefore, if you have conversations in apps like Facebook Messenger or Instagram Direct, then it is best that you clear them out before ditching your old device.

Browser Data

It is crucial that you double-check all the information that you’re transferring to your new smartphone and deleting all the data from your old one. Check out your ‘Settings’ option for ‘Storage’ and ‘Downloaded Files’ for anything might remain behind. Sometimes, your browser history can also give away personal information to users.

Local Files

Relevant information is stored in Cloud these days. Most smartphone users, therefore, remain at peace. This is not necessarily a good thing. Individuals tend to become careless with local files. File Managers of your smartphone have essential details stored too. These apps cannot just be deleted from your device’s system. You need to clear out all the data.

Connected Devices

You might want to disconnect all the accessories or tools that you might have synced with your smartphone before finally deciding to do away with it.

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