Jabra Elite Active 65t Review

Published on October 26, 2018

Comfortable to wear, surround sound, and decent battery life, Jabra Elite Active 65t has everything you can ask for in a wireless headphone. These qualities cannot only beat Jabra Elite predecessors, but can compete with Apple’s AirPods.

What is New?

If you compare 65t with Jabra Elite’s previous flagship headphones, you will find that they are comfortable headphones with impressive sound. Active 65t has an excellent call quality. You can even find improved voice support.

Moreover, you will find that there is no heart-rate monitor built in the 65t models like it was integrated into the other Elite sports headphones. It had reduced its battery life to only 4.5 hours. Removing the heart-rate monitor is one of the best things that are associated with new 65t headphones. It allowed the developers to reconsider the design.

Active 65t has a sleek design and simple functions. Eliminating heart-rate monitor has improved the battery life of the headphones significantly. And now, you can enjoy music for up to five hours straight which is more than an average AirPod’s battery life.

You will get a charging case with two additional charges. The case is not small, but it is compact enough to fit in your pocket. The developers have changed the design greatly. So, you will get three ear tips in different sizes. Although there are no wings to hold buds, they fit in your ears easily. Also, if you prefer maximum bass response, you should wear the largest tips.

Elite Active is not a sports model. But, it has an IP550rated design that makes it dust-resistant and splash-resistant. Jabra headphones cancel background noise as well. You will get a HearThrough transparency feature that will enhance your music experience in public.

Bottom Line

If you are not happy with your headphones or AirPods, you should switch to Active 65t immediately.

Photo by: Jabra

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