It’s Time to Take the Wrap off: iPhone 12 Complete Review With Specifications

Published on January 28, 2021
Credit: Apple

Autumn 2020, or rather October 13, is one of the key dates for all Apple smartphone lovers. On this day, a presentation of several new Apple products will take place, including not only iPhone 12, but also a number of other devices. The event will be held online in real time, and anyone can get this phone with free on

As you might guess, keeping secrets about the characteristics of such an anticipated device is nearly impossible, especially as the official release date approaches. Therefore, we can easily say: there is no mystery anymore, the period of guesses and timid assumptions is over. The curtain has fallen. So, grasp an exhaustive list of the most important data about new iPhone 12, which will surely beautify this fall with its grand release.

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New Device from Apple: What Should Be Said First

The presentation will show as many as 4 smartphone models, differing in screen size:

  • iPhone 12 Mini – 5.4 inch
  • iPhone 12 Max and iPhone 12 Pro – 6.1 inch
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max – 6.7 inch

Apple follows the beaten track of slimming the body with constant and unstoppable performance improvement. This time the thickness is reduced to 7.4mm. More angular shape, evoking pleasant nostalgic motives associated with previous models, will make it visually slimmer and more elegant.

All devices will support 5G, and US residents will be able to enjoy even faster mmWave. A special Smart Data Mode will give users the opportunity to make a choice in favor of 4G or 5G at their discretion.

An interesting part of the new smartphone is its water and dust resistance and IP68 certification. The manufacturer guarantees 30 minutes of smartphone operation under water at a depth of 4 meters.

Color Options

It is impossible not to pay attention to the variety of colors in all the photographs that one managed to get from different sources. There is no exact data about this yet, but there are some assumptions. The two lower-end models may be available in white, black, red (or violet), blue and green, while the higher-end ones may get gold, silver, graphite and navy blue (or midnight  blue) bodies. In any case, the choice will be great and everyone can choose a smartphone to their liking.

Screen Beauty

All devices will receive an upgrade: they will be equipped with a Super Retina XDR display. It also makes sense to pay attention to the largest screen in the history of Apple smartphones – this, as we said, is 6.7 inches, the company’s absolute record at the moment. 

The refresh rate will also become customizable and, if necessary, can reach 120 Hz – this is an ideal option for modern advanced games.

New Generation Chipset

Credit: Apple

A 6-core processor with A14 Bionic chipset will provide twice the speed of machine learning. Moreover, the graphics accelerator will significantly increase the speed indicator, and the power consumption will decrease by 40%.

Battery Strength

New energy-saving technologies have allowed the manufacturer to eliminate the need to strengthen the battery. The iPhone 12 will receive a 4000 mAh battery, which will give the user one day of active use without the need for recharging. By the way, here’s the info for those worried about old wireless and fast charging options: they’re not going anywhere.

Memory Size

Updated GDDR6 memory finds its home in a new device. It features increased bandwidth and great performance due to reduced power consumption. The amount of RAM is 6 GB, and the built-in one depends on the model:

  • iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Max – 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB
  • iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max – 128 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB

Camera Power

This is always a point of heightened interest and special expectations. And in this regard, Apple is at its best. 16-megapixel cameras continue their triumphant development.

Junior smartphones will get wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle cameras. Senior ones will be equipped with wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle and telephoto lenses, as well as a 3D LiDAR laser rangefinder. It is responsible for determining the distance to the subject as accurately as possible and allows users to take pictures of stunning quality.

Photos taken in advanced night mode will also be sharper and of a much higher quality than with previous models.

In the End

iPhone 12, which has not hit the store shelves yet, but has long become the subject of desires of many bloggers, gamers and simply connoisseurs of Apple products. The characteristics are known, the die is cast: it remains only to wait for the official start of sales and evaluate the smartphone personally.

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