Italian clothing line wins trademark battle against Apple

Published on December 29, 2017

Apple is currently facing a bad time at the moment. As many may already know, the Cupertino giant is already in news for duping its consumers when it comes to the batteries of iPhone line-up. Meanwhile, the firm was in a trademark battle with an Italy-based clothing company called, “Steve Jobs.”

Italian clothing line wins trademark battle against Apple

According to a report published by USA Today, Italian brothers named Vincenzo and Giacomo Barbato during early 2012 began noticing that the name, “Steve Jobs” hadn’t been trademarked as of that year. They began thinking about it for some time and decided to make use of the name for their company.

The Steve Jobs company was sailing smooth and went unnoticed until it became famous. However, Apple soon discovered it’s existed and filed a lawsuit against them. The legal battle between “Steve Jobs” and Apple has been going on for years. The main subject of the battle was the logo that the Italian brothers decided to use.

The logo adopted by “Steve Jobs” featured a J, which somewhat represented an Apple with a bite out of it. Apple’s logo also goes on to feature an Apple with a bite out of it. After years, it appears that “Steve Jobs” has managed to win the case over Apple. The court has ruled that “Steve Jobs” may use the logo as and when they please.

The Italian brothers were quoted by Business Insider as saying, “It cannot be a bite,” mirrored after the Apple logo. The European Union Intellectual Property Office registered the name for the Italian brothers back in 2014. Meanwhile, Apple registered the name only in the recent past. “Steve Jobs” is a clothing line that makes jeans with “Steve Jobs” emblazoned on the label. According to the brothers, the label was born absolutely for electronics. This brings us to the question whether a “Steve Jobs” smartphone is on its way?

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Italian clothing line wins trademark battle against Apple.
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