Is Apple really better about privacy?

Published on April 18, 2018

Technology companies including Facebook and Google have ended up coming under the bus ever since the former was found snooping and sharing personal details of users with others. However, one company that leaving out of the subject is Apple. The Cupertino technology giant ends up featuring a different business model in comparison to most of its arch rivals. Therefore, the company ends up functioning a tighter fortress around the user’s data as well. However, the story does not end there. A lot of changes come along the way as time passes by as such. “In the wake of the disclosure that nearly 90 million Facebook users’ information was passed on to political ad targeting firm Cambridge Analytica without their consent, tech companies are on the defensive,” notes an online report. The Cupertino technology giant has reportedly made it a point of attempting to differentiate its approach to consumers’ information. On its website, the company goes on to note that they end up collecting lesser information about the users than other companies.


Additionally, they also went on to state that they end up keeping most of the information within the user’s data itself. The company further went on to claim that they work toward making it easy for users to track information that the firm collects about the users. The consumers apparently have the freedom to download, delete and circulate information as per their preference. At the moment, users who are gaining access to the data from the Apple is relatively slow. The latest tools are supposed to comply with the newest set of privacy rules. The set of privacy tools are called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The rules will reportedly go into effect in the European Union in late May.


The iPhone manufacturer has gone on to make several claims about the privacy of their smartphones. These usually end up stemming from a hardware device. It does not indulge in advertising. The company does not follow a business-based model. The smartphone manufacturer works merely toward selling products to users. However, they only work toward hardware sale products such as smartphones, computers, watches, and tablets.

They don’t work toward marketing services to its consumers. On the contrary, technology giants such as Facebook and Google end up working toward selling any and all kinds of services. Therefore, they end up keeping track of every move of the user online. “Remember that with Facebook and Google, we are the engines that enable the companies to sell advertising. When we like a post, check in to a restaurant, ask for directions to a business or search for a hotel to visit,” notes an online report. Technology giants including Facebook and Google, therefore, end up learning more about the users. What’s even scarier is the fact that it goes on to track details of the users’ geographical location as well.


Apple is reportedly working on newer services for its dedicated consumers. According to a report by Tech Crunch, additional details regarding the subject will show up soon. However, it appears that the Cupertino technology giant is working toward introducing a new service called Texture. Here’s what the Tech Crunch report read, “More details are out this morning about Apple’s plans for Texture, the digital newsstand business that it acquired last month.” As can be recalled, the Cupertino technology giant went on to purchase the digital newsstand startup Texture. At that time, we were not aware of what Apple had in mind as far as Texture was concerned.

An official confirmation about the matter is not yet available for the company as however.

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