iPhone 15 Launch: Release Date, Price, New Features & More

Published on September 11, 2023

The occasion that Apple enthusiasts have been eagerly anticipating is nearly upon us, as Apple prepares to showcase its iPhone 15 series tomorrow.

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The upcoming smartphones are broadly speculated to make their debut on September 12, during a special event held at Apple Park, the firm’s central headquarters located in Cupertino, California.

Apple has already released a promotional image for the event, which goes by the code name ‘Wanderlust’, featuring the Apple logo adorned in shades of blue and grey. Speculation surrounding the features of the new devices has been abundant, encompassing aspects such as a diverse palette of nine color choices to the introduction of a USB-C charger. However, in keeping with its tradition, Apple has retained the majority of the details under wraps, ensuring an element of surprise and excitement for the grand reveal.

Here is a comprehensive guide to the launch event, covering aspects like the timings for live viewing and anticipated announcements from Apple, facilitating a seamless experience for those keen on catching the updates firsthand.

When will the iPhone 15 be announced?

Apple has confirmed that the eagerly anticipated “Wanderlust” event will be held on Tuesday, September 12, at 10 am Pacific Time (6 pm BST) at their headquarters in Cupertino, California. Despite not officially confirming the launch of the new iPhone, Apple has consistently unveiled a new device around this time each year for over a decade. Expert analyst, Mark Gurman, speculates that the iPhone 15 will be available in stores from September 22, allowing Apple to record a week of sales within the fiscal fourth quarter.

How can you watch the live event?

The event will be broadcasted live on Apple’s official website from 10:00 PT (18:00 BST) tomorrow. Additionally, comprehensive coverage of the event will be available on MailOnline. Viewers are encouraged to return on Tuesday to stay abreast of the latest developments from Apple.

How many iPhone 15 models will there be?

Apple is anticipated to showcase four versions of the iPhone 15 during the event: the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and a variant potentially called the iPhone 15 Ultra, as suggested by insider Andrew O’Hara. This premium version, regardless of its final name, is expected to feature enhanced capabilities and specifications, coupled with a premium price point. Noteworthy enhancements and design modifications are anticipated to be uniform across the entire iPhone 15 range, with certain exclusives reserved for the higher-end models.

How will the iPhone 15 differ from the iPhone 14?

According to Gurman, the iPhone 15 signifies the most significant update in the last three years, dating back to the introduction of the iPhone 12 in 2020. One of the prominent changes is the adoption of a USB-C charging port, aligning with a recent EU regulation aimed at standardizing charging ports to mitigate electronic waste. This transition to USB-C also facilitates faster charging speeds, potentially reaching up to 35W, a notable improvement over the iPhone 14’s 20W capability. This enhancement is speculated to reduce the full charging time to approximately one hour.

Furthermore, the iPhone 15 is expected to offer ergonomic improvements with curvier edges and titanium frames, providing a comfortable grip and a sleek appearance. Moreover, a matte glass finish on the back replaces the previous polished glass, offering a refined aesthetic, potentially reflected in the event’s promotional imagery.

Continuing their journey towards a borderless display, Apple plans to reduce the bezel size to 1.5 millimeters, a significant decrease from the existing 2.2 millimeters. This step aligns with their long-term vision of introducing a seamless, all-screen iPhone. The Dynamic Island feature, introduced with the iPhone 14 Pro models, will be integrated across all iPhone 15 variants, enhancing the user interface experience by offering dynamic notifications and alerts within a pill-shaped notch at the top of the screen.

How much will the iPhone 15 cost?

Analyst Jeff Pu has indicated a potential price increase for the Pro models due to substantial hardware upgrades such as the titanium frame and the advanced A17 Bionic chip. Though exact figures remain undisclosed, the price rise seems substantiated, considering the significant technological advancements incorporated into these models. Barclays’ analyst Tim Long concurs with this analysis, anticipating stable prices for the standard and Plus versions, akin to their iPhone 14 counterparts.

During a February investor call, Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted at a possible price surge, emphasizing the iPhone’s vital role in users’ lives and their willingness to invest in premium features. Speculative reports have floated staggering price figures for the top-tier model, though these remain unconfirmed and possibly exaggerated. The true costs will be unveiled during the live event on September 12, potentially setting a new benchmark in smartphone pricing.

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