Intel vulnerability causing issues with ‘Fortnite’

Published on January 7, 2018

Are you facing troubles logging into your account in ‘Fortnite,’ or are finding it difficult to play the game altogether? Well, don’t worry as you are not alone. Fortnite game developer, Epic has come ahead with an explanation to this issue. According to them, due to recent Intel vulnerability, they have had to implement additional security measures. These are the updates which are causing issues with the game.

Intel vulnerability causing issues with ‘Fortnite’

As noted by CinemaBlend, Epic took to its official forum to explain how the updates are impacting the functionality of cloud services. For those who aren’t aware, Intel discovered issues relating to Meltdown and Spectre security flaws. Through these loopholes, potential hackers could swipe personal information of individual’s devices without them knowing. Security updates for this purpose are being rolled out over the span of next couple of weeks.

The issue with Fortnite is that it mainly functions on cloud-based platforms. Therefore, it is essential that the accounts are completely secured. The good news is that the problems will be handled well once the updates are released. Meanwhile, Fornite’s Battle Royale kicked off only earlier this weekend.

The limited edition event came packed with a special, “Sneaky Silencers,” mode, which essentially allowed players with access to a limited number of weapons and traps. Much of its inspiration is clearly taken from another equally popular game called Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds.

Since the cause of the issue is out, it wouldn’t come across as a surprise if Epic decides to host the event all over again once Intel smoothens the issue out. The vulnerabilities go on to impact the fore Fortnite mode along with PvP on all platforms including PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Since Meltdown and Spectre are extremely difficult to detect and combat, it might take a little longer for the issues to get resolved. However, these new measures will hopefully make it so that they never have to be in the first place.

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Intel vulnerability causing issues with ‘Fortnite’.
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