Intel To Drop Very Old Drivers/BIOS From Their Site, But The Linux Impact To Be Minimal

Published on November 19, 2019

After 22nd November, Intel has deciding to remove downloads of old BIOS and drivers from its site. BIOS and Linux are almost twenty years old software download, and you must have seen there are no BIOS updates from years. The company is planning to remove the old drives and BIOS from their product later in a week, but the Linux Impact will be there as minimal. BIOS and drivers were the original Pentium era product offerings of Intel. 

Image Credit: Phoronix

Details on the 20 years old product removal: 

Today it has been reported that the company Intel is going to remove some of the drivers and BIOS from their original Pentium era product offerings from 22nd November. Intel did not provide the complete and detailed list of products that are affected. But as per the report, it is confirmed that the product that is deciding to remove are all twenty years old or are more than twenty years old. 

There should not be much real impact as the old product and which were relied on the older and outdated hardware are still in niche-cases. The Linux users might face fewer issues as Intel is a good open-source steward along with the support of Linux drive within the mainline kernel. From the older version of the system, you won’t be able to see the updates for the BIOS anymore. Inter has also not updated BIOSes from the Pentium era board, and it will not even refresh in the future. 

The Linux Impact will be minimal by Intel even after the removal of BIOS as you will still be able to see the activity for the original Apple PowerBook series, support two decades late for some SGI system, and many more. Now you will have to use the Linux with limited options for some time.

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