Instagram launch- IGTV hub for creators

Published on June 22, 2018

Instagram longer-form video hub that’s launching tomorrow is called IGTV and it will be part of the Explore tab this was what TechCrunch has learned from the multiple sources. All the online content creator had spent the week meeting with Instagram which was to encourage them to prepare videos closer to 10-minute YouTube vlogs than the 1-minute maximum videos the app allows today, in this all the videos can now range from 15 seconds to 60 minutes. The major focus of Instagram was on the web celebrities that made their name on mobile rather than more traditional, all the TV studios and old-school publishers that might come off too polished and processed. For this creator, the idea is that who have a knack for this style of content and who already have sizeable Instagram audiences, set the norms for what IGTV is about.

According to the initial report of WSJ’s, they said that Instagram was working on allowing videos up to an hour long, TechCrunch learned much more from sources about the company’s plan to build an aggregated destination for watching this content akin to Snapchat Discover. In this, the video will also have a full-screen view, vertically oriented and can also have a resolution up to 4K. By this tech, the users will be able to greet with a collection of popular recent videos and they can also have an option to continue Watching clips they didn’t finish.

Adopting the video doesn’t mean that it would compete with Netflix Originals or HBO-quality content but therefore there will be a kind of things you might see on YouTube rather than the short, off-the-cuff social media clips Instagram has hosted to date. Most important fact for the creators, they can offer a link-out option so creators can drive traffic to their other social presences, websites, or e-commerce stores. Instagram is obviously planning more and more day by day such as they are planning to offer direct monetization, potentially including advertising revenue shares, but hasn’t finalized how that will work. Instagram officially said that this feature will out on June 20th and they also invite a press conference for IGTV.

Instagram has seen as a trajectory which adds 100 million users every four months and also it also announces its 800 million users in September 2017. According to this, it is quite possible that Instagram will soon announce its 1 billion users in 3-4 days and which will legitimize IGTV as a place creators want to be for exposure, not just monetization. The new feature of IGTV will change the background and experience of the current users who are bored with their friends’ content or looking for something to watch in between Direct messages, they said that if it would be possible, Instagram might break out IGTV into its own mobile app, or be building it an app for smart TVs.

When it claims that the launch is important for Facebook, it said that it would expand Watch to more creators, while also offering new interactive video tools to let them make their own HQ trivia-style game shows, but the reason was that it lacks a popular video destination since its Facebook Watch hub was somewhat of a flop. Facebook helps businesses find creators to sponsor by launching its brand collabs manager, it would also help to earn money through sponsored content and also through product placement.

With the users stumbling across clips in their News Feed the video consumption in the Facebook family of apps has been largely serendipitous. The new update of IGTV will direct it directly to youtube because it is a place where people purposely come to watch specific videos from their favourite creators. A disadvantage is that youtube is still built in the web era with a focus on horizontal video that’s awkward to watch on Android phones as well as on iPhones.

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