I’m Not Cool Enough To Wear Snapchat’s New Spectacles

Published on November 13, 2019

The third Spectacles version of Snapchat provides you with 3D and AR (augmented reality) effects to videos and photos on Snapchat. The all-new version of Snapchat is fun and expensive as the Spectacles cost you $380. The lasts version is not for the average person; it is mostly for the creators and artists as the cost is very high for ordinary people to afford it.

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On Tuesday, the latest version of Snapchat was introduced, and it is the third version of Spanchat; the previous two versions did not have the 3D and augmented reality effect. The newly introduced third version provides you with the opportunities to capture and record photos and videos with new 3D effects. After winning the picture and recording the videos, the users will be able to post the photo and video to Snapchat content.

About the 3rd version of Snapchat

The latest version of Snapchat’s Spectacles is like the GoPros that immediately captures photos and videos by clicking the discreet buttons on the temple. The lasted version now produced three-dimensional pictures and videos with AR (animated augmented) effects. The Snapchat Spectacles gives you the ultimate wearable designed to create an eye-popping image snap. The new Specs camera provides a breeze with which will stand out in social media feed.

The spectacle is designed for the people with angular faces as the frames are rounded in steel. The Snapchat Spectacles is like the spectacles that were worn by Natalie Portman in Leon-The Professional. The Spectacles is featured with a built-in camera. The built-in camera can capture 70 videos of 10 seconds on a single charge. It is the most creative and trending way of clicking pictures at different angles. The latest version could easily influence professional creatives to click and record images and videos for their feed.




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